Astoria – ACHI’s

Galley Utility Training Program (GUTP)

This is your chance to #ACHIeve a world-class cruise liner career! Introducing Astoria-ACHI’s Galley Utility Training Program (GUTP) – a specialized training program that will help students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to land a job as a galley crew member on one of the world’s top international cruise liners.

The Galley Utility Training Program (GUTP) is a two-month intensive course that has a blended learning approach, with both online classes and face-to-face hotel immersion. Students can expect to experience in-depth training in the concepts surrounding the passenger ship industry. This course also offers the opportunity for students to develop the authentic voice and confidence of an effective galley crew member through personality development and image enhancement lessons.


If you are looking to be a part of a dynamic galley crew and love the sea, this course is for you! To know more about this program, contact our administrators at or give us a call at (+63) 920-958-2032, (+63) 919-911-3957, (+63) 908-872-7925, or fill out the form below: