• ASTORIA Culinary and  <br>Hospitality Institute

    ASTORIA Culinary and
    Hospitality Institute

    We enrich the quality of each hospitality curriculum by providing affordable programs for future hoteliers.

  • Training Leads to Careers

    Training Leads to Careers

    We strengthen our students' credentials, thus increasing their marketability in the competitive job marketplace.

  • The Mark of the <br>Industry's Future Leaders

    The Mark of the
    Industry's Future Leaders

    Empowered by our mission of training leads to careers, we enrich the identities and the competencies of all aspiring hoteliers through our virtual trainings and comprehensive learning seminars. Be part of our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation today!

    E - Learning​

    Similarly with our onsite classes, our virtual trainings are also spearheaded by the most highly-skilled hoteliers of Astoria Hotels and Resorts.​


    A B O U T  A S T O R I A – A C H I


    ASTORIA Culinary and Hospitality Institute (Astoria-ACHI)  was established for professionals, non-professionals, as well as hospitality and tourism management students who wish to enhance and further develop their skills in the service industry.

    Established in 2011, ASTORIA Culinary and Hospitality Institute (Astoria-ACHI) aspires to continually provide its trainees equal opportunities to deepen their potential and passion, in the hopes of building a better tomorrow in the field of hospitality.

    To provide the latest practical and theoretical education by conducting intensive training together with experienced professionals from the hospitality industry.

    To be the prime learning institution for professional competency and world-class services in the hospitality and culinary industry.

    To educate and mentor students and equip them with the cutting-edge skills and best practices needed to build a strong career in the hospitality industry.

    To forge strong partnerships with schools and individuals to expand our network and increase corporate visibility, thereby providing our graduates with better employment opportunities globally.


    Over 10 years of providing quality training to students & professionals.

    200+ school partners all over the Philippines.

    Trained foreign students & faculty from Vietnam & Indonesia.

    Certified and well-experienced trainers in their field of expertise.

    TESDA compliant

    Top-notched and well-equipped actual hotel & resort facilities.

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    our programs

    Core Programs


    On-The-Job Training is an internship program that offers practical training in various aspects of the hospitality and culinary industry. To fully maximize this program, you will be deployed to the different department training areas for hands-on experience. You will also be exposed in the hotel operations and culinary services.


    Dualized Training Program is a six-day training program that involves hotel and department orientation, ocular visits, and equipment familiarization. Various learning tracks under hotel operations and culinary services are available and will be carried out through lectures and firsthand training. 


    Hotel On Wheels (HOW) is an accessible training program that brings both theoretical education and experimental work to several campuses around the country. It has 10 different programs designed to fit relevant curriculums, all of which involve active demonstrations, skills, evaluation, as well as written and practical exercises. 


    Stay & Learn is a one-day seminar where you can learn the basics of Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office, Rooms Division, Hospitality Accounting, Barista and Bartending, Culinary, Hospitality Management, and Personality Development. You may also choose to include an overnight accommodation within the program. 


    Faculty Immersion is a special six-day training program directly supervised by the Department Manager of your selected learning track. A proper program orientation and ocular visit will both be held prior to deployment to either hotel operations or culinary services for hands-on training. With this program, you can choose to be immersed in basic hotel operations, supervisory level, or managerial level. 


    The Work Immersion Program involves hands-on experience or work simulation wherein the students can apply their competencies and acquired knowledge relevant to the various areas of the hospitality and culinary industry. In this program, you will be deployed to the different department training areas of the hotel or the resort for a minimum of 80 hours. The goal is to get you ready for employment and higher learning. 


    To be able to provide quality education to our students despite the unprecedented hit of COVID-19, ASTORIA Culinary and Hospitality Institute (Astoria-ACHI) utilized the convenience of the digital arena and created a fully integrated advanced and accessible learning system.


    Jumpstart your career in the field known for being highly respected and dynamic - the hospitality industry. Learn from the notable professionals and hoteliers behind the success of Astoria Hotels and Resorts, and experience working in an actual hotel environment that is continuously growing and expanding.

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