Experience working in an actual hotel environment that is dynamic, growing, and highly respected.


Take the bold step and pursue a career as a hotelier, one of the most fulfilling and rewarding occupations in the country. Learn from the seasoned industry professionals, who are successful decision makers at Astoria Hotels and Resorts.

Applicants should process the following requirements

1. School Endorsement signed by Dean, Department Chair or OJT Coordinator
2. Curriculum Vitae with photograph
3. Astoria Plaza and Resorts Data Sheet and Waiver (front and back)
4. Medical Examination
5. Pregnancy Test
6. NBI Clearance, Police Clearance or Barangay Clearance
7. 1x1 picture per phase of training and additional 1x1 for time sheet

All applicants must

1. Be at least a High School Graduate
2. Have basic knowledge in communicating in basic English, for both oral and written communication
3. Have completed at least the 10-year basic education requirements
4. Have enough knowledge in performing basic mathematical computations
5. Be physically and mentally fit
6. Possess good moral character and a pleasing personality


You must present a medical clearance and must state that you are Physically Fit to Work.

You must present a letter from the school signed by the dean that you need to attend the school activity.

You must present a letter from parents/guardian stating the emergency and must show supporting document.

You must present your School Registration Form with the class schedule.

You must secure a Request for Documentation Form 3 days prior to end date of training PER department.

Proceed to ACHI Office or DTC for your orientation schedule 2 days prior to end date of training per department.

You must disclose it not later than the general orientation schedule.

Unauthorized overtime is not allowed.

Yes, double hours if required to be on duty ; 8 hours if told to take a holiday off ; 0 hr if scheduled day off.

Yes, 45 minutes for operations ; 1 hour for office.

Yes, however you need to provide your own padlock; be reminded of the claygo rule; strictly no foodstuff, prohibited drugs, offensive weapons, banned publication inside the locker; not permanent.

No, but you may use transparent pouch to put in your necessary things such as your pen, tickler, make up (for retouching) and mints.

No compensation shall be given to trainees. 

No duty meal provided unless arranged and included on your program.

Report to DTC or ACHI immediately. 

Your DTC will arrange your schedule. 

There’ll be no refund as written in the Training Agreement and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk Agreement.

Must re-enroll for training, for at least 2 weeks of duty [96 hours]

Inform the assigned Program Executive at least 2 weeks prior to end date of training for proper endorsement.

Bell Service requires you to be physically fit to work (can stand for long number of hours, must have no any health restrictions, and can be deployed with shifting schedules)

Non compliance of the prescribed uniform is a violation; you will be sent home, thus, will be marked absent for a day.

You must report it to your DTC, Security or ACHI immediately. For sensitive matters your identity will be kept confidential.

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